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Setup strings for drive objects

For disk objects (class WPDisk) you may use the following setup strings: 

  Class WPDisk

  Key Name         Value          Description
  DRIVENUM         d              Logical drive number (01-26)

Source:  Workplace Shell Programming Guide (OS/2 WARP Toolkit) 
 Note:  WPDisk objects are used for CD-ROM drives, fixed disk drives, 
        floppy diskette drives, magnetic tape drives, network drives, 
        PCMCIA drives and RAM drives. 
        Use the keyword ICONRESOURCE to set the icon for WPDisk objects 
        (see Creating drive objects for an example, see Icon resource in 
        default OS/2 DLLs for a way to get the parameter for the keyword 
        Caution: You cannot delete a WPDisk object with the shredder! You 
        need BlackHole or a similar tool to do this! 

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