REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Getting the filename of WPDatafile objects

Sometimes it is necessary to get the filename of an object that is only 
known by the Object ID. This is possible for all objects of type 
WPDatafile and its childs classes. 
For example, the classes WebExplorer_Url (WARP 3) and WPUrl (WARP 4) are 
children of the WPDatafile class. Therefore objects of both classes are 
represented by a file. The URL referenced in this objects is saved in this 
file as plain ASCII string and is identified by the WPS setup string 
LOCATOR. The only way to retrieve this URL using plain REXX is, as far as 
I know, to read the file. 
To get the filename for an object referenced by an Object ID you can 
either use Henk Kelder's WPTOOLS-DLL or you can create an empty directory, 
copy the object into that directory (using <SysCopyObject) and get the 
filename (using <SysFileTree).   

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