REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Changing the LaunchPad

When using the REXX function <SysSetObjectData to change the settings of 
the LaunchPad (called the Toolbar in WARP 4), you may find that the 
LauchnPad that is subsequently displayed appears to be corrupted (e.g., 
drawers might be positioned incorrectly or icons may overlay one another 
on the LaunchPad object). To properly display the LaunchPad and 
incorporate any changes you've made with <SysSetObjectData, try closing 
the LaunchPad object and reopening it immediately after the call to 
See Setup strings for the Launchpad for the valid keywords for the 
LaunchPad object. 

Source:   Dave Hicks (see EMail Addresses) 
 (see APAR PJ17466)   

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