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Assigning more than one object ID to an object

At this time, you can assign more than one object ID to a WPS object. To 
do this, create an object with a new object ID. After that assign one or 
more new object IDs to the object using <SysSetObjectData. Now you can use 
the original object ID or one of the new object IDs to refer to the 
The explanation for this from Greg Czaja (see EMail Addresses) is: 
"What really happening is that WPS will assign a new ID (and it will be 
stored in the object's properties but the old one will NOT be removed from 
OS2.INI -> PM_Workplace:Location. This allows you to refer to an object 
using both - the old and the ID's. At least from a REXX or PM program - 
WPS will use only the new one."   
Source:  Gregory Czaja (see EMail Addresses) 

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