REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Print to a file

To print to a file bypassing the prompt for the filename you can create a 
new port in your OS2SYS.INI file: 

/* add an output file port into OS2SYS.INI                            */
  call RxFuncAdd "SysIni", "RexxUtil", "SysIni"
     call SysIni "SYSTEM", "PM_SPOOLER_PORT", "c:\prtout.prn",,
           ";" || "00"x

After the execution of this little program you can assign the newly 
created port to any printer object.   
Note:  Every new print output overwrites the existing file - you can't 
       append the output to the file. Well, at least I haven't found a way 
       to do this. 
 Source:  OS/2 2.11 Power Techniques 

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