REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Changing the default font

File          OS2.INI
Application   PM_SystemFonts
Key           DefaultFont 
Value         font name "00"x
Description   Default font for 
              the WPS 
Created       manuell 
Deleted       manuell 

You can use this entry to change the default font for the WPS. 

/* REXX cmd to set the default font for the WPS                       */
/*                                                                    */
/* note: WarpSans is the new default font of WARP 4 (Merlin). To use  */
/*       this font in WARP 3, copy the file DSPRES.DLL from WARP 4    */
/*       to \OS2\DLL and reboot.                                      */
/*       Be careful, though! Some video drivers require a specific    */
/*       version of DSPRES.DLL to work properly.                      */
/*       If the DLL is locked (i.e., in use), just unlock it with the */
/*       Unlock program from LX lite.                                 */
/*                                                                    */

  call rxFuncAdd "SysIni", "REXXUTIL", "SysIni"

  call SysIni "USER", "PM_SystemFonts", "DefaultFont",,
            "9.WarpSans" || "00"x


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