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Font size for text (VIO) windows

File          OS2.INI
Application   Shield 
Key           ˜Font Size...
Value         "ccrr"x
              cc = number of cols 
              rr = number of rows 
              (hexadecimal values)
Description   contains the default font 
              size for new text windows 
Created       After pressing the Save 
              button in the font dialog 
              of a text window 
Deleted       ? 
Example       Use "080E"x for the font 
              size 14*8

The value of this key is only used for new text windows. To open a window 
with a specific size you may 
   *  save the current value of the key 
   *  set the key to the needed value 
   *  open the text window 
   *  and restore the value of the key 
 (see Start a VIO session with a specific font size for an example) 
 Warning:  The name of this key is language dependent! For example in 
           German OS/2 versions, the name of this key is 
           Schrif˜tartgröße...; in Spanish OS/2 versions, it's Tamaqo del 
           ˜font...! (The name seems to be equal to the menu entry for the 
           popup menu.) 

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