REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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The function SysCreateObject()

<SysCreateObject does not support the object settings database 
DATABASE.DAT in the directory \OS2\INSTALL. 
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You cannot use the <SysCreateObject parameter title to change the title of 
an existing object. You must use the setup string keyword TITLE to do 
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<SysCreateObject does not replace an existing object when a caret is used 
in the object title to represent a new line character. 

/* Create an object and update it                                     */

  call RxFuncAdd "SysLoadFuncs", "REXXUTIL", "SysLoadFuncs"
  call SysLoadFuncs

  do 2
    call SysCreateObject "WPProgram" ,,
                         "Title^with Caret" ,,
                         "<WP_DESKTOP>" ,,
                         "EXENAME=C:\OS2\CMD.EXE;PROGTYPE=WINDOWABLEVIO;" ,,
  end /* do 2 */

This code should create an object on the desktop in the first round and 
update that object (with the same settings) in the second round. But 
instead of that, it creates two objects on the desktop. 
To avoid this, either don't use a caret in the title of an object or. 
better yet, always create objects with an object ID. 
(Source: APAR PJ17176) 
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Be aware that using the function <SysCreateObject with the last parameter 
set to Replace will destroy the object and all shadows of the object 
before recreating it (without recreating the shadows)! 

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