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The functions to work on the macro space

The new REXXUTIL DLL provided with Object-Oriented REXX contains some 
functions to work with the macro space (see New REXXUTIL functions in 
Object REXX). These functions return the following error codes: 
 0   okay, no error 
 1   Not enough memory 
 2   Macro not found 
 3   Extension required 
 4   Macro already exist 
 5   File error 
 6   Signature error 
 7   Sourcefile not found 
 8   Invalid position 
 Some further hints for these functions: 
 <SysAddRexxMacro can only load one macro from a REXX cmd file at a time. 
 You can't load a tokenized REXX program into the macro space using this 
 function. SysAddRexxMacro overwrites an existing macro. The file with the 
 REXX macro must have an extension -- SysAddRexxMacro doesn't find files 
 without an extension. 
 <SysLoadRexxMacroSpace can only load an image that was previously saved 
 with <SysSaveRexxMacroSpace. SysLoadRexxMacroSpace works only if the 
 macro space is empty (thus you can't concenate two or more images in the 
 macro space but AFAIK the number of macros in the image is not limited). 
 There's no function to get a list of all existing macros in the 
 (see also LoadMac.cmd)   

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