REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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If you're using REXXUTIL very often and your PC has enough memory (8 MB or 
more), you should load REXXUTIL in the STARTUP.CMD. 
Example for STARTUP.CMD: 

/* Important: STARTUP.CMD must be a REXX program to load REXXUTIL!    */
  call RxFuncAdd "SysLoadFuncs", "REXXUTIL", "SysLoadFuncs"
  call SysLoadFuncs
  exit 0

Using REXXUTIL if booted from diskette 
If you've booted OS/2 from diskette, you can use REXXUTIL in the following 
   *  The stub program to load the REXX support is BOS2REXX.EXE 
   *  The OS/2 DLLs normally in the directory \OS2\DLL are accessible 
      through the <LIBPATH. Of course, these DLLs won't fit on a diskette. 
      But they may be on a hard disk or a codeserver. 
   *  And last you must load each function from REXXUTIL by hand with 
      <RxFuncAdd. You can't use <SysLoadFuncs if booted from diskette! 
 You can't use the WPS related functions from REXXUTIL if booted from 
 diskette, but mostly all other functions work fine. For example I've 
 tested the following functions: 
   *  <SysCls 
   *  <SysCurPos 
   *  <SysCurState 
   *  <SysDriveInfo 
   *  <SysDriveMap 
   *  <SysGetKey 
   *  <SysMkDir 
   *  <SysOS2Ver 
   *  <SysRmDir 
   *  <SysTempFileName 
   *  <SysTextScreenSize 
 Note:  see also the DLL CLTRUTIL included in the OS/2 WARP Server / OS/2 
        WARP Connect 
        See also New REXXUTIL functions in Object REXX. 

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