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REXX programs without an extension

Problem:  The REXX interpreter executes an external procedure from a file 
          with any or without an extension and/or without the leading 
          comment normally necessary for REXX programs. 
 Hint:  There's a bug in the OS/2 WARP REXX interpreter which allows the 
        use of files with any extension or without an extension for 
        external REXX procedures. These files also don't need the leading 
        Note that if there's a directory with the name of the external 
        REXX procedure prior to the REXX procedure in your <PATH, REXX 
        tries to "execute" the directory and fails with the error REX0003 
        - Program is unreadable. 
        This bug was fixed in the WARP 3 FixPack #8 (Source: APAR PJ19105) 
        - and is again there after WARP 3 FixPack #17. It's still there in 
        WARP 4. And again fixed in Fixpack #6 for WARP 4. 

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