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SYS0008 - 2 -

Problem:  Passing a null string as a command (which is not a valid 
          command) to the CMD interpreter will return the <SYS0008 error 
          message after the 32nd iteration. 

          /* example for the <SYS0008 bug */
            do i=1 to 33
              /* the next stmt returns a  */
              /* null string to the CMD   */
              /* which leads to the       */
              /* <SYS0008 error after the */
              /* 32nd execution.          */
              say "i is " || i || ", rc is " || RC
            end /* do i=1 to 33 */
          Note that you can replace the statement Beep(220,250) with every 
          other statement returning a null string -- even with a function 
          defined in your REXX program! 
          This seems to be an OS/2 interpreter bug. Note that 4OS2 does 
          handle this situation correctly. 
 Hint:  Do not use a function returning a null string this way (see also 
 This bug seems to be fixed in WARP 4 Fixpack #5.   

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