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Error: Failure during initialization

Problem:  The call of an EXE program containing REXX code leads to the 
          error message 
          REX0003E: Error 3:  Failure during initialization 
          REX0200E: Error 3.1:  Failure during initialization: File "%1" is unreadable 
 Hint:  You tried to run a tokenized Classic REXX program under 
        Object-Oriented REXX. Object-Oriented REXX cannot execute token 
        images of REXX programs created with Classic REXX. EXEs with token 
        images are created by some of the GUI environments for REXX or by 
        RxCLS - a REXX 'compiler' ($). You may try to load the Classic 
        REXX interpreter prior to calling the REXX program causing this 
        error (see Using Classic REXX if Object REXX is the default REXX; 
        see also REX0003: Program is unreadable) 

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