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DLL loading failed

Problem:  The call of <RxFuncAdd failed although the DLL to load is 
          accessible through the <LIBPATH. 
 Hint:  For some DLLs the name of the DLL function to register (this is 
        the third parameter for <RxFuncAdd) is case-sensitive! This 
        depends on how the DLL was linked. 
        Use an ExeHdr tool or take a look at the DLL with a Hex-viewer to 
        get the proper spelling for the name of the register function. 
        Another cause for this error: 
        Maybe the DLL needs some other DLLs - these DLLs must also be 
        accessible through the <LIBPATH. 
        To check which other DLLs the DLL need, you can use the or IBM's 
        chk4dlls.exe. excellent program PMDLL. 
 See also:   The REXX API functions 

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