REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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This section contains hints for some REXX errors, symptoms, and messages. 
Note that a lot of hints in this section are captured from CompuServe 
In addition to the tips mentioned below I suggest everyone having problems 
with REXX programs should get the new Object-Oriented REXX. 
Object-Oriented REXX has much more descriptive error messages and the 
documentation is better than the normal REXX online documentation. 
Another good source for Troubleshooting information is the Common REXX 
Pitfalls page on the home page of Quercus Systems (see Internet - Web 
Note that the information related to various APARs is included in the 
sections General hints for REXX, REXXUTIL functions and Change the WPS 
with REXX. See those sections for additionanl information. 
Here's a list of further sections in REXX Tips & Tricks with information 
about various errors: 
Errors in OS/2 commands 
   *  CTRL-Break &OS/2 commands 
   *  Using PIPEs 
   *  The CMD command 
   *  The COPY command 
   *  Copying empty files 
   *  The XCOPY command 
 General REXX Errors 
   *  DO loops 
   *  The keyword instruction CALL 
   *  The keyword instruction SIGNAL 
   *  The function DIRECTORY() 
   *  The function FILESPEC() 
   *  The functions LINEIN() and PULL() 
   *  The REXX API functions 
   *  The function TIME() 
   *  QUEUE names 
 Object REXX Errors 
   *  The function CHARS() in Object REXX 
   *  The function LINEOUT() in Object REXX 
   *  The function LINES() in Object REXX 
   *  The function STREAM() in Object REXX 
   *  The function VALUE() in Object REXX 
   *  The Signal handling in Object REXX 
 Errors in REXXUTIL functions 
   *  The function SysCopyObject() 
   *  The function SysCreateObject() 
   *  The function SysFileSearch() 
   *  The function SysIni() 
   *  The function SysQueryClassList() 
   *  The function SysSearchPath() 
 WPS related Errors 
   *  Format of the RC files for MAKEINI 
   *  Creating shadows of drive objects 
   *  Changing the LaunchPad 
   *  WPS Object Setup strings (and the sub sections) 

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