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Using Object REXX and the WPS

It seems that the WPS part of Object REXX never finishes its 
initialisation part and therefore has to be forced to do so to use the WPS 
classes in Object REXX programs. 
You can force the finishing of the initialisation by opening the Template 
folder for example - but that's no general solution of course. 
To test if this bug occurs on your system, simply issue the command 

  rexxtry say .wps

If the output is .WPS then the error occurs on your system. 
As a workaround to the WPS Server not getting initialized you can put a 
program object with the following settings in your startup folder: 
Program   = c:\os2\wpsinst.cmd 
Parameter = + 
This may help ensure that the WPS part of Object REXX finishes its 
initialization at startup (note that not all who have tried this have 
reported success). 
[Fixed in OBJREXX 6.00 25 Mar 1998 and newer versions] 
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It seems that the WPS part of Object REXX is incompatible with some other 
WPS Extensions, for example Object Desktop. In this case, you must decide 
either to use the WPS part of Object REXX or the WPS Extension. 
To use Object REXX with Object Desktop you only need to deinstall the 
"Enhanced Folder" Component of Object Desktop -- that's the only part of 
Object Desktop that is affected by Object REXX. 
If you want to keep Object Desktop's Enhanced Folder on your desktop, all 
you need to do is to NOT install the WPS classes of Object REXX (these are 
the classes initialized by the wpsinst.cmd program). Object REXX will 
still be loaded and you'll still have access to all Object REXX commands, 
except the ones involving the new classes.   

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