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The function LINES() in Object REXX

The function <LINES does not work as expected in Object-Oriented REXX: 
According to the online help, LINES() used on STDIN should return 1 if 
there are remaining characters in the stream or 0 if there are no more 
characters in the stream (That's also the way it used to work in Classic 
In reality, LINES() always returns 0 if used for STDIN. 
[Tested with OBJREXX 6.00 12 Jul 1996] 
[Fixed in OBJREXX 6.00 26 Feb 1997 and newer versions (included in WARP 4 
Fixpack #6)] 
(see also The function CHARS() in Object REXX; see Writing filter programs 
in REXX for a workaround)   

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