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Object REXX for Windows 95 / Windows NT

Name     Object-Oriented REXX for 
         Windows 95 / Windows NT 
Version  ?
Author   IBM 
Distrib. commercial 
Type     REXX Interpreter 
Price    -
Source   IBM 

In February 1997 IBM removed the Evaluation Copy of Object REXX for 
Windows 95/Windows NT from their WEB site and started to sell the Licensed 
See the Home Page for Object REXX for Windows NT and Windows 95 for 
additional information (see Internet - Web Pages) 
(see also Object REXX for Windows 95/NT) 
 According to message of Christian Michel (Object REXX Development) from 
22.02.1998 there's an update for the Interpreter and the Development 
Edition of Object REXX for Windows 95/NT on their web page (see Internet - 
Web Pages). The updated version is now 1.02. It contains several bug fixes 
as well as several enhancements, especially for the Development Edition.   

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