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Hints for Object REXX

This section contains some hints for using Object-Oriented REXX under 
OS/2. It also contains some information about Object REXX for other 
operating systems. 
Object REXX is currently available for OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 95, and 
Linux, and AIX (beta). 
see also 
- Creating "compiled" programs for Classic REXX and Object REXX 
- Writing filter programs in REXX 
- Using PMREXX 
- New REXXUTIL functions in Object REXX 
Please note that there is no official bug list for Object REXX! 
Therefore you should report every bug you find to the Object REXX 
Developers (see EMail Addresses)! 
Or use snail mail: 

IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
REXX Development, Department 7804
Postbox 1380
D-71003 Boeblingen

Fax:   (49)-7031-16-6901


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