REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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<PARSE VERSION returns 5 tokens describing the current REXX interpreter: 
 1. token: REXX interpreter name 
    This is REXXSAA for the default OS/2 REXX interpreter or OBJREXX for 
    Object-Oriented REXX. Another possible value is REXX/Personal (used by 
    the REXX interpreter from Quercus Systems, (see Internet - Web 
 2. token: REXX interpreter level 
    The format is majorVersion.minorVersion, e.g. the default OS/2 REXX 
    interpreter returns 4.00. The new Object-Oriented REXX returns 5.00 or 
    6.00 (depending on the version). 
 3., 4. and 5. token: REXX interpreter date 
    These tokens are the date of the REXX interpreter (day, month and 
    year). Day is a 2-digit numeric value (e.g. "08"), month is a 
    3-character abbreviation of the month name (e.g. "Feb") and year is a 
    4-digit numeric value (e.g. "1994"). 
 Example REXX program: 

 /* sample for using PARSE VERSION                                     */
   parse version interpreterName interpreterLevel interpreterDate
   say "The name of the interpreter is <" || interpreterName || ">."
   say "The level of the interpreter is <" || interpreterLevel || ">."
   say "The date of the interpreter is <" || interpreterDate || ">."

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