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The function STREAM()

In "Classic" REXX a call of the function <STREAM in the format 
name=stream( fileName, "c", "QUERY EXISTS" ) 
never activates the NOTREADY condition. In Object-Oriented REXX this call 
leads to the OS popup message box saying  "Drive x: not ready" if the 
statement AUTOFAIL=NO is missing in the CONFIG.SYS. 
[Tested with OBJREXX 6.00 12 Jul 1996] 
[Fixed in OBJREXX 6.00 26 Feb 1997 and newer versions (included in WARP 4 
Fixpack #6)] 
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You can use the statement 

  curSize = stream( testFile, "c", "QUERY SIZE" )

to get the current size of open files on HPFS-formatted drives. Note that 
this is not possible for files on FAT-formatted drives (see also Copying 
open files). 
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See REXX and Y2K for information about <Stream and Y2K.   

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