REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Catching debug output

The REXX Interpreter writes the debug output (switched on with the <TRACE 
function or keyword) to STDERR. To redirect this output into a file use 

  myProgram 2>>trace.out

To get the trace output on the screen and into a file at the same time 
(while your REXX program is running) you may use a TEE program: 

  myProgram 2>>&1 | tee trace.out

 "Note that VX-REXX programs 'hang' when RXTRACE=ON is set. 
If RXTRACE=ON is set for REXX programs and STDERR is redirected (i.e 
2>file_name), the effect of RXTRACE=ON is the same as TRACE R having been 
issued at the beginning of the REXX program (i.e., the trace is NOT 
(Source: Dick Goran, (see Internet - Web Pages)) 
The same is true for using the function TRACE in a REXX program and 
redirecting STDERR of the REXX program into a file. 
(see also Special environment variables for REXX programs)   

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