REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Reserved names for files in REXX programs

Use a period after the filename to access files with the names STDOUT, 
STDIN or STDERR in REXX programs. Another method to distinguish the 
filenames from the keywords for the standard handles is using the 
filenames with a path. 
For example use 


        /* using a period after the name */
  call directory( "C:\TEMP" )
  curLine = LineIn( "STDOUT." )

        /* using a fully qualified path  */
  curLine = LineIn( "C:\TEMP\STDOUT" )

        /* using a relative path         */
  call directory( "C:\TEMP" )
  curLine = LineIn( ".\STDOUT" )

to read the next line from the file C:\TEMP\STDOUT. 
(see also Reserved directory & file names and Output & Input control)   

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