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String constants

The maximum length for a string constant in OS/2 REXX is 250. To use 
strings longer than 250 chars, split them into pieces less than 250 chars 
and concatenate them in a variable. (There's no limitation for the length 
of the contents of a variable in OS/2 REXX.) 

  myConstant =,
        "This is a really long string constant.                  " || ,
        "Well, because it is to long for a constant in OS/2 REXX " || ,
        "We split it into smaller pieces and concatenate them    " || ,
        "with the operator || to a big string and save the       " || ,
        "result in a variable. This is possible, because there   " || ,
        "is no limit for the length of a variable in REXX.       "

Source:   IBM: OS/2 2.0 Procedures Language/2 Reference Manual 

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