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Special filenames

    "There is a hint in the OS/2 developer documentation that there was at 
    one time a planned use for the file INIT.CMD. I would recommend that 
    you use a different file name than INIT.CMD regardless." 
    Source:  Dick Goran (see EMail Addresses) 
    "In earlier (1.x) versions of OS/2, the OS2INIT.CMD file was used as a 
    session-by-session AUTOEXEC.BAT, by setting the shell in the 
    config.sys to be CMD.EXE /K OS2INIT.CMD instead of just CMD.EXE. (It's 
    still possible to do that now)." 
    "Most recommendations I have read say you should not name any file 
    OS2INIT.CMD because it is still considered to be 'reserved' (like 
    (see also Simulating an AUTOEXEC.BAT for OS/2 sessions) 

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