REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Special environment variables for REXX programs

The following environment variables have a special meaning for REXX 
    If the environment variable RXTRACE is set to ON before executing a 
    REXX program, the REXX program is executed in single-step mode. This 
    is equivalent to including the REXX <TRACE command with the parameter 
    ?R. Any other value for the variable is ignored by the REXX 
    Note:  The REXX Report 1994 contains a detailed description about the 
           debug facilities of REXX. 
    Hint:  To prevent the execution of a REXX program in single-step mode, 
           even if the environment variable RXTRACE is set to ON, use the 

             dummy = trace( 'OFF' )
           as the first statement of your program. This is very useful to 
           prevent tracing programs like PMREXX for a REXX program 
           "compiled" with programs like REXXCC. 
    (see also Catching debug output)   
    This environment variable contains the name of the queue that the 
    program RXQUEUE.EXE should use if the queue name is NOT specified when 
    RXQUEUE is launched. The default queue used by RXQUEUE is the default 
    REXX queue SESSION. (see also The RXQUEUE filter) 

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