REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Parameters eaten by the REXX Interpreter

The following parameters, when passed to a REXX program, are interpreted 
and eaten by the REXX Interpreter himself (see also Parameters eaten by 
the CMD.EXE): 
    This parameter delimiter is reserved for the REXX interpreter. You 
    can't use it for program-specific parameters. Note that this 
    limitation is removed in Object-Oriented REXX 
    Create the tokenized version of the program without executing it 
 To use the parameter //t in Object-Oriented REXX you can add other 
 parameter(s). Example: 

 D:\Test> test2.cmd //t dfad
      3 *-* parse arg thisargs
        >>>   "//t dfad"
 D:\Test> test2.cmd //t //t
      3 *-* parse arg thisargs
        >>>   "//t //t"
 D:\Test> test2.cmd //t
 (see also Workaround for the // limitation for a method to workaround for 
 these limitations). 

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