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Start a REXX program in PM mode

To start a REXX program in a PM environment there are at least three 
methods available (note that a REXX program must run in a PM environment 
to use the function RxMessageBox()): 
1. Method 
Start the program from within a PM program (like EPM) or use the program 
<PMREXX to start the REXX program. (see also Run a REXX program under a 
specific environment) 
You can also use one of the visual REXX development tools for the REXX 
program (like VX-REXX, VisPro/REXX or GpfREXX; see also the REXX 
development tools & extensions listed in the section PM Tools). These 
environments normally provide better PM controls than RxMessageBox(). 
2. Method 
Start the REXX program with the following command: 

 start /pm cmd /c {programPath}programName

Note that this is not possible in 4OS2 sessions! 
3. Method 
Create an object with PROGTYPE set to PM for the REXX program and use the 
function <SysOpenObject or <SysSetObjectData to start the program: 

/* REXX code to create a WPS object to start the REXX program         */
/*   C:\TESTPM.CMD                                                    */
/* in a PM environment (assuming OS/2 is installed on drive C:)       */

                    /* load the necessary REXXUTIL functions          */
  call rxFuncAdd "SysLoadFuncs", "REXXUTIL", "SysLoadFuncs"
  call SysLoadFuncs

                    /* create the object                              */
  if SysCreateObject( ,
      "WPProgram"                               ,, /* object class    */
      "REXX program in a PM environment"        ,, /* object title    */
      "<WP_DESKTOP>"                            ,, /* object location */
      "EXENAME=C:\OS2\CMD.EXE;"            || ,    /* object setup    */
      "PROGTYPE=PM;"                       || ,    /*  string         */
      "PARAMETERS=/C C:\TESTPM.CMD;"       || ,
      "OBJECTID=<MyObject>;"                    ,, /* replace flag    */
      "U" ) = 1 then
                    /* execute the program (all OS/2 version, you can */
                    /* also use SysOpenObject in OS/2 WARP)           */
    call SysSetObjectData  "<MyObject>", "OPEN=DEFAULT";

  end /* if SysCreateObject( ... */


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