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Force a REXX program to run in a special way

Sometimes it is important for a REXX program to run within a specific 
environment (e.g. PMREXX) or in a special way (e.g. minimized or in the 
To ensure that your REXX program uses the environment you intend it to 
use, you can check the current environment in your REXX program and, if 
it's not the envionment you need, restart the REXX program in the needed 
In the first case mentioned above, you can use the return code of the 
function <ADDRESS to check the current environment (see Run a REXX program 
under a specific environment and the warning regarding WARP 4 in the 
section PMREXX!); in the second case (i.e., running your program in a 
special way, such as minimized), you cannot detect the current environment 
and thus you've to restart your program using an additional parameter to 
distinguish between the two passes. (see Force a REXX program to run 

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