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Using REXX if booted from diskette

When OS/2 is booted from diskette, you must use a special program to load 
the REXX support (normally, OS/2 boots from the hard disk and the WPS 
loads REXX support automatically). 
The best program available to load REXX from diskette is BOS2REXX.EXE. 
To create a boot diskette with REXX support do the following: 
   1. Create a boot diskette with, for example BOOTOS2. 
   2. Copy BOS2REXX.EXE to the boot diskette 
   3. Add the statement RUN=A:\BOS2REXX.EXE to the file A:\CONFIG.SYS 
   4. Add the directory with the files REXX*.DLL (\OS2\DLL) to the 
      <LIBPATH in the file A:\CONFIG.SYS 
   5. Add the directory with the file REX.MSG (\OS2\SYSTEM) to the <DPATH 
      in the file A:\CONFIG.SYS 
 Note:  You may omit the third step. In this case you must init the REXX 
        support manually with the command 

          <detach A:\BOS2REXX.EXE
        This method allows you to load REXX support only if necessary. 
 (see also Using REXXUTIL; use LX lite - an compressor for OS/2 
 executables to create one (!) boot diskette with REXX support and other 
 useful tools!)   
 Important:  Do NOT kill the process with BOS2REXX! Your REXX programs 
             might not act as expected if you do so! The process which 
             initially starts the REXX support is required throughout the 
             session because it handles the global data, semaphores and so 
             on. This is true even if you restart BOS2REXX after killing 
 Source:  APAR PJ15496 

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