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The SHUTDOWN command / The SETBOOT command

Use the command SHUTDOWN to perform a system shutdown from the command 
line or a batch or REXX program. SHUTDOWN needs no parameter. 
You can also use the command 


where x is the drive you want to boot from next or a non-existing drive if 
you do not want to reboot the PC. 
The difference between them: 
Using SHUTDOWN OS/2 pops up a warning dialog for every open DOS or OS/2 
session, whereas <SETBOOT closes all DOS, Windows and OS/2 applications 
without any prompting. 
Beginning with Fixpack #6 for WARP 4 there is another program to perform a 
system shutdown from the command line: TSHUTDWN.EXE. 
TSHUTDWN.EXE does a normal system shutdown without pop up dialogs for OS/2 
or DOS sessions. Note that you must unpack TSHUTDWN.EXE manually using the 

   unpack TSHUTDWN.EX_

if you don't have a machine with WarpSpace on Demand. The file 
TSHUTDWN.EX_ is in the fixpack directory \OS2.3.   

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