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CTRL-Break & OS/2 commands

There's a bug in CMD.EXE in the handling of CTRL-BREAK while executing a 
system command from within a REXX program: Instead of passing this signal 
to the REXX program, the CMD.EXE terminates the REXX program. This is also 
true for .EXE files called from a REXX program if they pass the CTRL-Break 
to the CMD.EXE. (Source: page How do I ...  on the home page of Quercus 
Systems (see Internet - Web Pages)) 
To avoid this error, call a new copy of the CMD.EXE to execute system 
commands. For example: 

  "cmd /c" "dir \ | rxqueue"
                        /* the variable RC contains the return code   */
                        /* of the dir command                         */

(see also The CMD command and The functions LINEIN() and PULL())   

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