REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Icons Used in REXX Tips & Tricks

The following icons are used throughout REXX Tips & Tricks for special 
purposes. Double-click each icon when you come to it. When activated by 
the double click, the icon tells RXT&T to do one of the following: 
    start the OS/2 system editor (the E editor) displaying the file whose 
    filename appears to the left of the icon 
    open the codemenu (i.e., the small window containing the five icons -- 
    E editor, cmd.exe shell window, REXXTRY program, and launch REXX 
    program in PMREXX) 
    execute imbedded REXX statements using REXXTRY 
    execute imbedded REXX statements using PMREXX with the parameter /Q. 
 Hyperlinks to other INF files are marked with a leading <. For example, 
 the link <DATE points to the description of the REXX function date() in 
 the REXX Online documentation.   

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