REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Using IPF Keys

You can set the environment variable IPF_KEYS to make RXT&T display 
additional information that is not part of the regular display. Some of 
this additional information is in German, for German readers. (If you 
don't know German, you won't need this information.). There are other uses 
for IPF_KEYS, however, that anyone can use to make their use of RXT&T 
easier and more helpful. 
To enable the additional information to be displayed, add the appropriate 
key(s) (see table below) to the line SET IPF_KEYS= in your CONFIG.SYS 
file, then reboot the computer. For temporary changes, you can change the 
environment variable in a single windowed or fullscreen OS/2 session. Just 
type the SET command with the desired key(s) and press ENTER. Then start 
the VIEW program (e.g., view rxtt28.inf) from within that same OS/2 

Note:  Use the plus sign rather than a semicolon to separate the keys in 
       the IPF_KEYS variable. 

 This command will enable single byte character set, special notes in 
 German language, and codemenu 

 This command will cause the codemenu to be displayed automatically 
 whenever you view source code samples in RXT&T. 
  Used IPF_KEYS in this document: 
    enable additional information for German users 
    enable automatic display of the codemenu every time you view source 
    code in RXT&T (the codemenu is the small window containing the five 
    "shortcut" icons for working with source code samples) 
 Note:  See Active IPF Keys to get a list of the active IPF keys used by 
        REXX Tips & Tricks on your PC. 

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