REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Installing REXX Tips & Tricks

To use RXT&T just issue the command 

   view rxtt28.inf

(where 28 is the version number) in an OS/2 session. 
Well, because you're just reading this document you've already done that 
(or something similar) ;-). 
But to get the most out of RXT&T please observe the following hints: 
   *  Create a WPS program object for RXT&T with Path and filename set to 
      VIEW.EXE, Parameters set to RXTT28.INF (were 28 is the version 
      number) and Working directory set to your OS/2 boot drive (This is 
      necessary for some external links). 
   *  To use the imbedded REXX code, REXX must be installed and the 
      programs REXXTRY.CMD and PMREXX.EXE must be available through the 
   *  Ensure that the REXX online help REXX.INF and the OS/2 online help 
      CMDREF.INF are available for the VIEW program. Their directories 
      should be listed in the BOOKSHELF environment variable in 
   *  Ensure that the programs CMD.EXE, REXXTRY.CMD and E.EXE are 
      available through the PATH. 
 Note:  You can use the included program INSTALL.CMD to create or update 
        an object for RXT&T at any time. 

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