REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Hints & Bug reports

This section contains a list of all users who send me hints and bug 
reports regarding RXT&T. 
 Boess, Tilmann (see EMail Addresses) 
    bug report about The DETACH command 
 Boll, Dave (see EMail Addresses) 
    Additional information about his REXX packages 
 Daney, Charles (see EMail Addresses) 
    Bug report 
 Danvers, Robert (see EMail Addresses) 
    A lot of corrections for spelling errors 
 Davis, Thos (see EMail Addresses) 
    Additional information about using DrDialog with Object-Oriented REXX 
 Duerbusch, Tom 
    Bug in the section Closing files 
 Goran, Dick (see EMail Addresses) 
    Various bug reports 
 Groves Jr., Don E. (see EMail Addresses) 
    bug report 
 Hanoian, Martin S. (see EMail Addresses) 
    Information about the OS/2 Shareware BBS and bug reports 
 Heidelbach, Oliver (see EMail Addresses) 
    Convert ASCII 850 string into/from ISO 8859-1 (1004) string, Count 
    lines in a file quickly - 2 - 
 Hessling, Mark (see EMail Addresses) 
    Some corrections and additional information about his REXX packages 
 Hicks, Dave (see EMail Addresses) 
    see the forewords for version 1.70, version 2.00, and version 2.80 
 Lemon, Barry (see EMail Addresses) 
    Additional information for Parameter eaten by the CMD.EXE 
 Mahoney, Robert (see EMail Addresses) 
    Additional information about his REXX packages 
 Platschek, Michael (see EMail Addresses) The function SysDestroyObject, 
 Check if a program is running (using RXU.DLL) 
 Plungjan, Michel (see EMail Addresses) 
    Writing OS independent programs and bug reports 
 Pollak, Michael (see EMail Addresses) 
    Information about GNU Regina - REXX for DOS 
 Pool, Arthur (see EMail Addresses) 
    Various corrections for the sort algorithms 
 Putman, Harold (see EMail Addresses) 
    correction for the section Internet -- WWW 
 Romain, Petges (see EMail Addresses) 
    Using REXX queues to simulate a semaphore 
 Salak, Juraj (see EMail Addresses) 
    bug report for Get a name for a temporary file 
 Seitz, John (see EMail Addresses) 
 Semo, Mario (see EMail Addresses) 
    Bug reports for Object REXX (OS/2 & NT version) 
 Schneller, Erik (see EMail Addresses) 
    Check if ANSI is active - 2 - 
 Sperper, Wolfram (see EMail Addresses) 
    Get the object ID for an object handle 
 Ulrich, Ralf (see EMail Addresses) 
    Hint for MATCH function in REXX, Sample code for parameter parsing, 
    and other information 

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