REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Foreword for Version 2.30

And here it is: The next version of RXT&T. 
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This version has only a few enhancements. One section you might look at is 
the section Pipes & Errorlevel which explains how to get the errorlevel of 
all programs used in a pipe. 
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In this version I added some external links to show the message text for 
SYSnnnn error messages; for example if you double-click on <SYS0002 you 
will get the OS/2 help for the OS/2 error SYS0002 (It's the same as typing 
HELP SYS0002 on the command line). And I've changed the format of some 
tables to make them more useable (see Key codes for key redefinitions for 
an example). 
I've also added a new section with Non-REXX related information. I need 
this information for our CID installation & upgrades. 
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Please note that I have only tested some of the included REXX 
programs/routines with Object-Oriented REXX. For the few tests I've done, 
I've used Object-Oriented REXX OBJREXX 6.00 15 Jul 1996 (installed as the 
default REXX interpreter in WARP 4). 
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Bernd Schemmer [Team OS/2, Certified LAN Server Engineer, Certified OS/2 
Engineer], Frankfurt in October 1996 
(see also the General Foreword) 

PS:  I didn't release a new version in August because I was very busy and 
     there were only a few new items. 

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