REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Foreword for Version 2.20

And here it is: The next version of RXT&T. 
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This version has only a few enhancements. One section you might look at is 
the section about the DETACH command because I finally found a solution to 
capture the output of the <DETACH command (see Detach a program & capture 
the PID). 
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Some News from the 7th REXX Symposium helt in Austin from May 13th to 15th 
- The official report should be available in the near future at the REXX 
homepage (see Internet - Web Pages). 
Object REXX for OS/2 is now GA. Also, the Windows 95 and Windows NT 
version of Object REXX are available for evaluation (see Internet - Web 
There's now an ANSI Standard for REXX - see REXX ANSI Standard. 
Mike Cowlishaw (see EMail Addresses) has developed a new REXX dialect 
called NetRexx. NetRexx compiles to Java Bytecode. It's a much simpler way 
to create Java Applets than doing it in Java. 

Bernd Schemmer [Team OS/2, Certified LAN Server Engineer, Certified OS/2 
Engineer], Frankfurt in June 1996 
(see also the General Foreword) 

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