REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Foreword for Version 2.10

And here it is: The next version of RXT&T. 
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In this version I've added some additional information about EAs (see 
Extended Attribute Data Types, EAs used by the WPS and Maintain Multi 
value EAs in REXX). 
Another new section you might find interesting is REXX Wrapper for 
text-mode programs. This is a sample REXX program to call another program, 
filtering it's input and output using only standard REXX features (pipes 
and queues). 
I've also changed the policy for software mentioned in the Software 
Beginning with this version I include selected shareware also. To 
distinguish between free software and shareware the section titles for 
shareware programs are marked with a trailing dollar sign ($) 
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One of the most useful tools for OS/2 I've found so far is LX lite -- a 
compressor for OS/2 executables. LXLite can compress mostly every OS/2 
executable and thus is a very useful tool for creating emergency diskettes 
or CID boot diskettes. I strongly suggest you take a look at it! 
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My request for comments about adding advertising to RXT&T in the last 
version of RXT&T was not very successful. So I'll move this topic to a 
future release of RXT&T. 
Bernd Schemmer [Team OS/2, Certified LAN Server Engineer, Certified OS/2 
Engineer], Frankfurt in April 1996 
(see also the General Foreword) 

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