REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Foreword for Version 1.60

Here it is, the new version of REXX Tips & Tricks. 
This version has some bug corrections and some new entries. Also I rewrote 
a lot of sections to avoid the word "must". 
I've deleted the automatic link to the Menu in the source code samples 
because it prevented the use of the FORWARD button to walk through the 
samples. To use the menu in this version again, you can either open it 
once and it will stay open until you close it or you use the new 
implemented IPF KEY to enable the automatic link again (see section Using 
IPF Keys). 
German users of this document should set an additional IPF KEY to get some 
more German related information (see also the section Using IPF Keys). 
This version doesn't cover information about the new Object-Oriented REXX 
This is due to the fact that I haven't got the time to take an in depth 
look at it. 
My request for response in the previous version of RXT&T wasn't very 
successful -- there were 0 (in words: ZERO) contributions. So, either my 
English is really good ;-) or the interest in RXT&T isn't very great. I 
hope the first is true. But, of course, the request for responses stands 
there anyway. 
Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt in June 1995 (corrected spelling errors in July 
(see also the General Foreword)   

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