REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Foreword for Version 1.50

Well, here it is: The first English release of REXX Tips & Tricks. It's 
taken some time for me to translate it but now it's done. 
Because English is not my native language, there may be many errors and 
misspellings in this document. Nevertheless I hope you'll understand it 
To make this document more readable and useful for all readers I ask all 
English-speaking people to tell me their opinions about this document. 
Especially, I'm interested in hearing about errors, misspellings, 
grammatical nonsense and such things. 
Thanks in advance 
Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt in April 1995 (corrected spelling errors in July 
Note:  If you're going to answer my question, please indicate if it's okay 
       to publish your name and EMail address in the next issue of RXT&T. 
       And, of course, I'm also interested in further information for this 
       document, especially for the items marked with ? or (?). 
 (see also the General Foreword)   

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