REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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General Foreword

This document contains tips & tricks about REXX programming under OS/2. It 
also contains general information about REXX, including literature, 
third-party software, REXX on non-OS/2 platforms, and more. 
This document is intended for people who already have some knowledge in 
REXX programming. 
Absolute beginners in REXX programming should read one of the REXX 
tutorials (see the Literature section) before reading this document. 
English-speaking users without any programming experience might take a 
look at Learn REXX Programming in 56,479 Easy Steps, but there are several 
other excellent books and tutorials available on REXX as well. 
First-time readers of this document should read the sections Installing 
REXX Tips & Tricks, Using the samples, Using IPF Keys and Icons used in 
REXX Tips & Tricks before using this document. Those who are familiar with 
RXT&T might re-visit those sections from time to time; they will find they 
get more out of RXT&T when they actively use the suggestions given in 
those sections. 
I also recommend that readers visit frequently the REXX home page 
maintained by Mike Cowlishaw, the REXX FAQ maintained by Dave Martin and 
the home page of the REXX Language Association  (see Internet - Web 
Please direct your inquiries, complaints, suggestions, bug lists etc. to 
the author (see address below). Please use the CompuServe OS/2 Central 
Forum (GO OS2CFORU), Section 18 - REXX for questions of general interest. 
I monitor this forum at least 3 times a week. 

Bernd Schemmer
Team OS/2, Certified LAN Server Engineer, Certified OS/2 Engineer 

Stalburgstr. 14 
D-60318 Frankfurt 
CompuServe: 100104,613

Note:  For the latest information, including updates, new entries, and bug 
       fixes, see the Foreword for Version 2.80 and refer to History, 
       Version 2.80 
       German users of this document should set an additional IPF KEY to 
       display ancillary information in German (see the section Using IPF 
PS:  If you like RXT&T -- send me a postcard. If not -- send me an email 
     telling me what's wrong or missing. 

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